Fantasising about coming off meds

The sedation and weight gain is getting me down. Would like to at least try a period off meds. If it didn’t work out I would be ok about going back on them. But if I never try being med free how will I ever know if I really need them.

At the very least I would like to be discharged from my CPN. I don’t get on with her.

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I don’t know if it’s a good idea, but I admit that I’m also curious to know if without the meds I would be less sedated. If you’ll do it, it’s better to talk to your pdoc.

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Man…Normally when people say that, I personally think it’s when the meds are working well for them. And they take how well they’re working for granted. Combined with a little amnesia about how things used to be.

Do you think you could make lifestyle changes to lose weight? Or would it be too difficult?


Yes the meds give some stability and you go I don’t need them anymore.
We all need them.
Being overweight you can work on.
Work out go walking but your brain is sick and so the meds are needed.


If you were to stop taking your meds, the second-worst thing you could do is stop seeing your doctor.

Meds suck. I gained 30 lbs. Had so many other bad experiences too. I’m done for now.

What were you like before you started meds? That’s very likely going to be how you’d be off them. Luckily I’ve always been high functioning except during bad episodes, and even then I can keep up with the bare minimum of what’s expected of me, so meds aren’t as much a necessity for me as they are a way to improve my quality of life.

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