Famous / Infamous people with sz

Most of the notorious mass killers got left out, maybe they didn’t want to inspire copycats.

I have never wanted to be famous, have you ?

I’m famous for my goat-cheese omelots.


that sounds really good @77nick77 It reminds me of when a chef I was working under made a goat cheese pizza. It was really good. Maybe you could do that too?

nice conversation

Yes, I’ve wanted to be famous - a famous musician.

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Not a lot of famous schizophrenics because most people get destroyed by it and it hits at a young age before most people have a chance to be famous. This is contrasted with bipolar where there are many famous people and it is less severe. On a side note, I just watched a show on Netflix and a psychiatrist thought Hitler had bipolar disorder.

I wanted to be famous when I was a kid. Now I rather hide in the shadows.