Family member said I was 'vulnerable'

It really bugs me that this was said

I live independently and support myself

What more could I do?

Why am I being told I am too vulnerable to have a room mate?

I don’t think I am a vulnerable person

35 years old ffs



Was this a family member who saw how badly you were taken advantage of by peers when you were younger? Their concern might just be outdated. I remember you telling a few stories of friends treating you like garbage and you going along with it. But you were a kid then. You can probably tell when someone is using you more accurately now.


Yea he witnessed it. He was also part of the problem when I was a teenager

I think I could tell now, but that’s only because I am suspicious of all intentions

Since I have been clean, I made one group of friends during recovery of the first episode

But they witnessed the second episode and I was cut loose

That was 10 years ago now

Not sure if that might be why he said what he did

Social Services got called on me when I was in hospital in January

Maybe they spoke to my parents after I tried to distance myself from them

Not sure

My main worry with you getting a roommate would be more related to conflict resolution. You have a very strong sense of fair and unfair, but it isn’t the same one the rest of the world uses. When someone is unfair to you, you act unfairly right back, but turn it up to eleven. It doesn’t happen often, but it would be something to be aware of and keep in check.

I do think it could severely improve your mood, especially on weekends when you tend to struggle. Having someone around to hang out with could be good.


Here schizophrenics are considered vulnerable adults but here the vulnerable refers to the ‘psychotic vulnerability’.

Hence all on this forum would be considered vulnerable, working full-time doesn’t change that.


Your probably not. But when your having your dramas with your community mental health team over your meds etc, and your treatment, you come across like that.

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‘Adult at risk’ seems to be the term used in the Care act 2014, though I think ‘vulnerable adult’ is the term many of us still use. I have had a care act assessment and my daughter a carer’s assessment. We’ve talked about ‘power of attorney’ and are now in the process of setting it up.My care coordinator come depot nurse has agreed to be the certificate provider to confirm I’m not being pressurised into it. She thinks it’s a good thing to put in place. That will be done on April 19th.


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