Family involvement in psychosis treatment leads to better patient outcomes


My family’s involvement limited itself to visiting me in the hospital and in the beginning they went along to the pdoc.

Now I do everything by myself. My dad calls me lazy. Me sister thinks I hear entities and my mom thinks I have a ‘win for life’.


Yea, I think the “after” is a lot more difficult than going through psychosis.

People just expect you to pick up where you left off, but that sense of normalcy and the ability to do things in the same capacity is long gone.

I am thinking of doing specialized family counseling for families dealing with psychiatric illness with my mom at some point in the near future. Hopefully the therapist will have constructive things to say that will help ease the tension and disappointment my mom might be feeling towards me.

Hopefully, anyways.


I guess my brother and father accept my psychotic episodes to be real but in the meantime both my father and brother love to call me weak and lazy.


Pills are in a safe, wife or mother get them for me. My med list is updated, and double checked by me.

Reality checking is always a useful tool. If I’m getting voices or seeing things they’re right there to ask.

Holding me accountable for my actions. Help to ground me when I’m going overboard.

They help make my life easier, I swear by my support group.

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