Family drivng me crazy

I’m starting to feel overwhelmed with everything going on today. my in laws bought me some used clothes from a resale store but we paid 10 dollars towards a 20 dollar bag.

this resale store has a sale stuff as much clothes as possible in a garbage bag for 20 bucks and get all the clothes you can get in the bag.

I think she feels bad for making me miss my appointment with the orthopedist.

my mom ran down the list of things we can do together while I am visiting them next month. we can go to the baseball game but we cant go to the zoo since my ankle is still giving me problems.

Who’s playing?..

It’s a minor league baseball game, tin caps.

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My family is driving me crazy too. I’m just not in the mood for their selfish ways today.

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That’s cool. When I was hospitalized in 1981 the counselors took us on an outing to a minor league game,

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