Family doctors

They have uploaded 1 consultant letter out of perhaps 10 in the last 12 months

My medication is all over the place on their system, and there is even one I can request that was last issued on 10th October 2020?

The head nurse said she would deal with any issues

On the phone just now, I said fine I will speak to a doctor instead, and I said not this particular one as I don’t like her

The receptionist just told me to find another practise if I don’t like the doctors there


I had reasonable grounds to be upset with them, and she just flippantly says that to me?


Drs offices aren’t always nice. Maybe, if that’s how they’re going to be, you should look into finding a friendlier office

I would take a moment to calm down Joker.
You probably want to be careful how you speak to your doctors’ office.

I have gotten upset and caused a lot of damage to my case, when I didn’t take the opportunity to calm down.


A bit late now, but I will try and relax for a bit

Doctors secretaries are the worst. Ive had some bad run ins with one in particular. Incredibly patronising and rude yet expects politeness back. It sounds like they are a mess tbh. The fact that they don’t have your info on the system is their fault.

They sound unorganized, unprofessional and snooty, but you sound like you weren’t very cool yourself either so I don’t know. Do you like them enough to stick with them or do you try and find a better practice? It sounds like you’ve been with them awhile.

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It’s a good surgery

I have calmed down now

Will try and speak to this head nurse tomorrow

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