Family camp

I’m going to “family camp” tomorrow.
It’s a thing my dad’s side of the family does every other year, where we rent a residential or a large building, and we gather for 3-4 days.
We have our own song we sing, we have activities, we take turns cooking and cleaning, and we spend lots of quality time together.

Tomorrow is the first day of family camp, and my dad’s cousin will be at my place around 8AM to pick me up and give me a ride there.

I’m kind of nervous, but I’m looking forward to it more than usual.
Most of the family members are older than me, so they’ve known me since I was born. Now that I’m one of the adults, they’re including me more and treating me differently, letting me in on family secrets and genuinely taking an interest in my life.

Usually, they start out the conversation by asking me what I’ve been up to and how I’ve been. For the past 7 years or so, I’ve been up to “not much, really”, and I’ve been doing “Fine.”

This time, I’ll be able to genuinely tell them I’m going to school and it’s going well, and I’m doing better each day and learning to manage my stress better.

I finally feel like I won’t be lying to them, and that I won’t be as boring to talk to anymore :smile:

There’s going to be 22 of us, so there’s no doubt it’s going to be tiring, but the elderly family members usually take naps during the day, so nobody frowns upon it if I do it too.
Besides, all the activites are completely voluntary, so I’m free to stay at the residential area if I don’t want to join. I’ll be bringing my books, so I can sit in a corner and read if the constant sound of chatter gets too overwhelming.
All in all, I’m really looking forward to seeing everyone again.

Does anyone else’s families do things like this?


My family never gets together it’s kind of sad.

But I’m happy for you that you’re excited :smiley:


We just do regular holiday gatherings. Used to do a summer get together, too, but not anymore since my grandparents both passed.


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