Familiar music from the past may give Alzheimer's patients a cognitive boost

when participants listened to familiar music - from a playlist of songs they had chosen going back at least 20 years - there was a much more extensive pattern of activation of several areas of the brain, including those involved with emotion and the processing of language, movement and memory.


My sisters and I used to sing in care homes. All older songs and hymns etc. When we arrived we’d go shake hands with the patients and some were not even aware of our presence. But when we sang so many people sang along and people that moments before seemed catatonic woke up and sang along with tears in their eyes. It sure drove us to continue to sing there. Ì miss that


Wow that’s a good story.

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I loved singing with my sisters but i walked away from doing that about 9 years ago

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We try to expose my Mom to older familiar music to her.
She seems to enjoy it.


I used to organize a group of people from an orchestra I played in to play classical music at the nursing home I also worked in. You could really see people light up from the music.


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