False Memories

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I find that a common problem with schizophrenics is the problem with determining the difference between real memories, false memories, and dreams. Since my memory is so badly messed up, I find myself trying to recreate small bits and pieces that I do remember and it usually ends up completely different. Most of the time my friends will have to correct me or tell me what really happened, but a lot of the time I sit where I am and think “Did that happen to me or did I just make that up?” There’s really no telling, because sometimes, my thoughts confuse me and pretend to be memories.

Mussel, or whoever is reading this. You have to look at the BIG picture. I know I’m not supposed to use this word’ but that old man might have been crazy! Or senile. Or just messing with your head. Did you automatically assume that he knows what he’s talking about? Or assume that he is rational and fair? Who knows why he said it? People say all kinds of crazy things.People can be mean and say all kinds of crap just to freak other people out. Maybe he was making a sick private joke just to get his rocks off. Maybe he says that to everybody. Or just to strangers.

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A false memory I have is going to my private school years after I actually left until the headmaster angrily told me to leave. I can reality test this enough to see that in crude terms it’s a load of baloney but still from time to time it resurfaces and I am thinking 'could this be true? ’

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i was getting a lot of these false memories too. mostly memories of signing up for cia and stuff. i think they come from our dreams so maybe they really did happen there at least

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Well…I said a brief conversation ensued but I didn’t go into any detail about that…it was a conversation about events that occurred only in my imagined past…no I believe that this was a case of my false memories blurring with my real memories which was starting to happen before I get better. My imagined past was corrupting and blurring with memories of my real past.

My entire past is riddled with false memories. My memory of me is stored in other people.

I do hate it when I have to ask others about something because my memory of the situation had elephants and fire juggles and circus music.

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I get false memories too. Its worst during delusion, most of my false memories are conversations that never accrued, and it is persecutory. If i am not delusional and have only false memories i ask my family members if those memories have happened, once i am told it never happened i just stop thinking about it and it goes away, but during my delusion i try to act upon it. Its an embarrassing the way our brain plays with our honer.


I was going to make a thread on this but I noticed there already is one. I suffer from false memories. It’s currently my only symptom besides negative symptoms. Basically, during my last hospitalization, I thought all sort of weird things/delusions. I thought I was going to die and be tortured. None of that happened. Now, I realize my paranoia was due to false memories and intrusive thoughts. The illogical part of me thinks that I really did die and suffer, but in a parallel universe or previous life, and I just confused it with this universe. The logical part of me says this is impossible and that I’m just a schizophrenic. But it seems so real. I can actually remember past lives. But I can’t prove it and, logically, they can’t be real. So how does one reconcile this? How does one “cure” false memories? I told my doctor and she pretty much thought I wasn’t taking my medications, but I am. She seems to ignore more intrusive thoughts. I am truly suffering. Thanks for reading.

I’ve been working with my therapist to untangle my timeline… and sort of found that a lot of my false memories are when I was in hospital… or just before I went in. I still feel the memories… but there are some I just have to discard and ignore when they circle around again…

I’ve also talked to some of the people who were in my false memory… (I had this reoccurring one of hurting my kid sis) It came from intrusive thoughts… and visual hallucinations…

she’s told me over and over… I’ve never laid a violent hand on her… but the memory of beating her up… vividly hits me all over again. But I have to believe her and my other brothers and my parents who attest… I’ve never hit her.

So when that one comes up… I just have to let it go… tell my brain it never happened… treat the visual hallucinations like something I saw in a movie… yes I saw it… but it wasn’t real. Again… therapy has helped…
Meds have helped…

anything that I “remember” as being before or during a hospital stay that seems out of character… or just to odd and out there to be real… I have to write off…

Be patient with yourself… it’s confusing… heavy on the heart… and hard work… some of my false memories are still with me… solid…
But I have to just let them go and not let them bring me sorrow.