False memories? Or real memories?

I can clearly remember my boyfriend in my home chasing me up the stairs because I wanted to use his iPad in my room but he didn’t approve. Then I remember him shaking the cat to intimidate me and yanking me away from my bedroom window when I tried to escape. I remember all of the fear too.

But when I really examine that memory there are A LOT of discrepancies.

For example I remember being a child of about 8 years old. At that time I didn’t even know my boyfriend. And he certainly was not an adult like I remember because he is only one year older than me now.

iPads were also not out when I was 8 years old. (2003)

And the cat I mentioned is the cat I expect to be fostering in the next couple weeks. Meaning that this is a cat I haven’t even met yet. Also that this cat wasn’t even alive at that time.

And most obviously my boyfriend is not my dad.

Why do I remember this and how can I tell which memories are real and which ones are false???
It’s not like I can fact check with someone else because it involves abuse.

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Your mind does some weird shite. It’s the brain chemistry. It’s not magical or meaningfull it just is. Things get confused and wires crossed but glad you have some perspective. That is important.

I went through psychosis. I don’t try to remember much. I wasn’t in a sound frame of mind or undersanding.

I thought some seriously weird stuff and still do …but I let that go…I think a lot of schizophrenia is dealing with your past. What is symptomatic and what is possibly real! It’s often a hard thing to do!


That was beautifully written and I love that mindset. Im actually really surprised to find so much solace in that. Thank you rogueone :purple_heart: