False memories are ok?

It seems they think so at the depot clinic. Mentioned it this morning to be greeted by total silence ie no questions/no response. I wonder how many others experience this sort of thing and then they’ll talk about the need to be open and honest with your psychiatric team.

Is it possible they were not sure if the memories are really false or not, and maybe they were afraid to comment for fear of either invalidating a real memory or encouraging a false one? That is the best devil’s advocate theory I can come up with.

Still, if I were professional, I’d want to know why the person thought a memory was false, get the conversation going.

I don’t think anyone understands false memories really… That’s why it’s so untalked about (I make up words, deal with it)

I also asked a bunch of questions about them to which I had no answer, did some research and all I could find were silly tests they made that don’t answer anything.

It’s one of my biggest frustrations.

It didn’t even get to that point ie of me telling them the specific false memories because they never asked. There was just an embarrassing silence as though I had said nothing.

I experienced false memories a couple times during my psychosis. They seemed so real though. I think the hippocampus is involved in memory storage and retrieval, I also know they have recently “cured” memory problems in mice with an investigational drug, so maybe in the future this issue will be addressed thoroughly for those who need it.

are they dream memories, when you tuch something like a lamp and you get a vision of something that has happened. and you can tell anyone or the think you nuts. or get mad and intangle thoughts out of order, and just can say it right?

I’ve got a lot of false memories that I try to untangle… and clear the fog…

Some are sort of benign… so I guess others don’t see them as a problem.

If I try to act on some of the memories… or if I start getting sort of lost in them again… then it gets confusing for me… and worrying for my family.

Well that’s just screwed up in and of itself, if they completely ignored you like you didn’t even exist. I wouldn’t say that was a stance on false memories, but rather just them being crappy people.

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