False colour false infrared

The camera I used to shoot infrared images with died of old age. I was researching a new camera when I discovered that one can convert ordinary images into convincing looking infrared images using an inexpensive digital filter now. I found one that simulates Ilford SFX 200 film perfectly, to my eye at least:

Decided to have some fun false colouring my faux infrared images as well:

I saved a bunch of $$$ and I’m still getting the results I want. Winner winner chicken dinner!

This is my victory for the weekend.



That looks really cool. Well done matey.

That looks alien. Nice.

Looks very nice.

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Thankee, I’m chuffed. Let’s me do something with shots taken in harsh lighting. Been looking at the images on Flickr for a while and wishing my old DiMAGE 7 hadn’t gakked. Turned out I didn’t need it!


Imma be busy for the next few weeks for sure.

That’s cool. It’s good to have stuff to do during this danged pandemic.

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