Fallout 4 thread

Who has fallout? Who likes it? What faction did u choose? Did u kill ur son? Are the synths a real threat to our society? Are u a synth? Other fun facts?

My sister’s boyfriend is obsessed with Fallout 4. I don’t even have a gaming console right now.

Lol! What?

I read there was a Russisn guy suing Bethesda because he played so much he lost his wife and job.

Yea i blew my sons head off with a shotgun. He was making synths to replace humans. I had to do it to save the commonwealth. Well i didn’t have to do it cause he apparently dies anyway from like cancer or something but it felt good to do it myself. We were in a board meeting with the institute and i shot up up all the higher ups which included my son. Im a complete psychopath in fallout

Really o my god. I can’t even see how u can play that much. Theres a lot to do in the game but there really isn’t that much quest wise. I guess he spent all his time building settlements


I love the game. I finished the main questline with The Institute, did not kill the son. I didn’t like that all the factions are pretty much jerks. The Institute seemed to be the least assholeish of the bunch. Even at that, I didn’t like working for the group that started all this mess. At least I became their leader.

I recently started over with a specialized character, 10 Charisma (12 with fancy suit and shades), 10 Luck, 4 Endurance. It’s a lot tougher than my first go through.

The only thing I don’t like about the game is that you get powered armor so early and that fusion cores are all over the place so you can always wear the armor. I had like 40 fusion cores on me when I finished the first time.


I played Fallout 3 to completion. Kinda lost interest during the expansion that makes the main game go longer. Though I hear a lot of people hate Fallout 3 but I thought it was alright.

100 stealth + Chinese stealth suit adding 100 stealth when you crouch = hilarity that no one can see you crouch walking right in front of them with no care in the world.

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Yea and u basically don’t have to use power armor if u got the right body armor. My only trouble is im not good at building settlements

I loved fallout 3 that game was amazing. Liam Neeson as ur Dad. The side quests were just right and u could make impactful choices for every side quest. I even liked the expansions.

I played most of the expansions. The alien abduction one was pretty cool that you get a couple of super powered weapons from it but once you leave you can no longer get ammo for them. Was also kinda disturbing listening to their audio recordings where like the one guy freaked out when he found out his arms got amputated and the aliens are just chattering away like nothing.

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omg you should see the masterpiece of a settlement I turned the Red Rocket truck stop into

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Ive seen uve been playing fallout. And yea i really need to get better at building settlements. Stuff like minecraft and stuff i was never good at

I sucked at mine craft haha my settlement is awesome, I have 21 beds, 31 food, 54 defense, 40 water, 13 people, 16 power, and 82% happiness haha

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Dang thats awesome. I think i only have like 18 people in sanctuary.

Here’s a settlement trick. Build like 5 or 6 industrial water refineries. They’ll produce about 200 filtered water per game day. You can sell the water to merchants and make good cash.

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Money aint the issue. I have the scavenger perk fully upgraded so everything i search has caps and people also explode in caps. Its making a good settlement that has trade routes is my problems. Like i don’t know how to set up trade routes. I have the local leaders perk also fully upgraded but how do u set up trade routes. I want to be able to have the entire commonwealth set up with shops and trade routes. Turn the commonwealth normal again

I think you need to send a settler to another settlement, then it sets up a trade route. I think.

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What do you all play it on?

I play on a PC.

Ps4 im a console snob