Falling Pants

I went to the mail box and it happened again - boom - my pants fell right down… what should I do?

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Wave to the neighbors so it will at least be funny.

Depends I suppose, on what you waved with.

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Glad you made here Santa Claus. Same pair of pants fell down or new ones?

maybe if were not wearing any pants then they wont fall down lol

Perhaps it is time to buy a belt or smaller pants.

Is this Santa Claus? The same one from the old forum who was always posting about sex?

Hey there Santa Claus :santa:

Get some suspenders, but put them on under your shirt so no one sees them, they look silly otherwise.

I think there was always a Santa Claus imposter.

Id buy a good belt but it’s hard when you have no money and you are being murdered you know, there is just something about being murdered that makes me not want to go shop for one, i can’t put my finger on what it is.

So i continue on with my crap belt, honestly it makes no difference when you are being murdered, a good belt wouldn’t make me feel better at all anyway, yay, oh boy, look at my belt!

I like the suspender idea and yes i am he - Santa Claus - so much for anonomity

anyway as rog used to say

keep on struggling --he said it kinder tho

and " help me to stand up straight go the straight hard way------------ what was his name again…
any way have a good one

Canonnier was his name.

Anonymity? Lol. It was kind of obvious. Who else posts every month or so that their pants fall down constantly when they go outside?

for some reason my brother in law is paranoid his pants will fall down ?
he wears them up so high they may as well be under his ’ moobs ’ , thankfully his wife pulls them down to his waist before he leaves for work !
and i’m the sz !!
take care

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It happens sometimes in the airport.