Falling in love with random passerbys

I fall in love with random passerbys in my life. I just find interesting detail in the way a stranger carries themselves, those short moments and glimpses into another person’s world that you catch in people walking by.

for instance, I fell for this girl that had tattoos and was smoking a cigarette. just the way she took drags of her smoke hit me sideways. wow. I only saw her for a few seconds. I get left these impressions of people, even just for a few seconds, and wonder what it’d be like to be their friend. sometimes I imagine myself befriending them and living an entire life where we are friends with each other.

anyone else?


Can’t say I have ever experienced that. I either feel ‘normal’ around other people or paranoid but never in love. very interesting. Certainly better than hate

I don’t pay very much attention to people’s appearances anymore. I’m not that easily impressed.

Seems like this is kind of a perfect first impression some people make on you. Void of all the character flaws and annoying habits you would come to find out that they have. You know what they say, the grass is always greener on the other side.