Falling... anhedonia

Today was a very long day. For first time since coming to stay with my sister almost two weeks ago, the high has gone and I’m falling falling falling. She and girls are at work all day in week and I’m alone with dogs and bird.

Usually would keep myself busy and watch movies or read etc. But now had no interest in anything at all.

Reading? Abandoned book
Movies? Not interested
Series? Not interested
Music? Lost its appeal
Dancing? Too tired
Looking for a work from home job? No strength at moment
Prayers? Too much effort

Nothing but messing around on phone and sleeping for hours in day.

I’m just existing

The high has gone and now I’m empty empty empty

Thought of cutting - but even that is too much effort…


I feel like that most days. No interest in anything. Sucks, but what ya gonna do?

I understand. I feel flat

How about volunteering? It’s great because you make others feel good and you get to feel good too

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I have no desire to do anything. I have terrible apathy and indifference. There called negative symptoms of schizophrenia. I know how you feel.

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