Faking it or just

Do you ever come out of a delusion feeling like you faked the whole thing? Like it just hit me all of a sudden this feeling of guilt. The voices reassure me too so that doesn’t help.


No, but a lot of people on this forum do, there was a post recently about the same topic. You’re definitely not crazy for thinking that. I usually just get super embarrassed about what I did following an episode, as opposed to feeling like I faked it.

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I feel embarrassed by it too. It’s a strange phenomenon.

I don’t think you faked it. Being delusional takes away your responsibility somewhat. It’s something you can help. It’s like a diabetic who tries to diet the right way but they still have high blood sugar. It’s not always their fault that their sugar goes high. Sometimes they might do something like eat a dessert that then triggers a spike in blood sugar. Your only responsibility is to faithfully and regularly take your meds and try to avoid triggers like lack of sleep. Beyond that, it’s not your fault


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