Failing at knitting

I’ve been starting knitting but I’m so horrible at it and I’ve been screwing it up.

I just feel like I’m such a failure for not getting it right. I just keep messing up and I’m just so upset.

Why can’t I even do a simple thing? Seriously. My heart is calling for typing hatred on here but I’ll not do that…

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Knitting has a lot to do with muscle memory.
It can be hard in the beginning, learning to hold your hands a certain way and make the right movements.
And, depending on what you’re trying to knit, the recipes can be confusing.

Nobody is good at something like that the first times they try it. You just gotta keep trying and eventually you’ll see improvement :slight_smile:


Knitting is a skill that you build over time. Keep practicing you will become a pro at it. I have been knitting since 2007.


Check out YouTube for how to videos :unicorn::unicorn::unicorn:

Nobody starts out being good at something. Part of becoming great at a task is learning to be okay with sucking at it for a while.


Take a break for a while, but don’t quit. The skills will come. Don’t judge yourself against people that have been doing it for years.

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Years ago my wife tried to teach me crocheting . I just couldn’t get the hang of it. My wife was very good when it came to crocheting and knitting.

Knitting might just not be your thing. Everyone is not good at some things and good at others. Some people are better at reading, some at math, etc. This is the same as that. Don’t be so hard on yourself.

Crochet is nice too. Give that a shot! But be patient with yourself and practice.

Knitting is very repetitious and counting. Doing the same thing over and over is hard but fulfilling when you are done. I’m sure you can get it ! Takes practice. My MOM liked it too and we have some stuff of hers still, blankets and scarves. Maybe start small or do a patch work in pieces- one piece at a time?

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