Fading harassment

So I sat outside with my dad for a while. Some guy just started yelling hoe three time in my direction. My dad heard it he said ignore it. I find it to be like a music radio ya know am/fm…turning the volume down. Other than that, changing to if I hear something put my mind on something else a hobby that way I won’t dwell in the ■■■■■■■■. Immediately.

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Geez. If your dad heard it that’s a big deal. I think we all assumed it was just voices from schizophrenia. But you sound more grounded. Maybe the meds you’re currently on are suiting you.

I’m trying to have no reaction. I did good that time. I think it’s something beyond meds. I have to learn I guess therapy.

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Can you move? 15

Not at the moment. This place is not very good people move a lot. They rent out to drug addicts, harassers,etc

Should have never moved here.

I can relate. Lived in a bad place before and couldn’t move right away. I hope you can get away soon.

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