Factors predictive of psychopathy and schizophrenia are already present in infants brain cells


I cannot understand this statement ;
"Brain diseases alter the functioning of all these types,and they are associated with genetic risks of developing a disease "

They suggest that, a group of brain diseases alter the cultural functions of the neurons
firstly ,which in return associated with genetic risks in order to producing A disease ( they meant the schizophrenia )

As i say,
1- The schizophrenia is not a disease in nature
2-SZ causes a symptoms
3-SZ does not cause a disease
Above of all,sz has using the cognitive data concepts and all mental functions of the person (patient) to achieve its goals without inducing organic disease

in other words,the sz pathogen is who alter the personal cultural data concepts throughout using the mental /chemical functions of the person ,whereas this alteration is the main goal of the sz pathogen

Anyway,they said " however,most of the changes were found in genes whose effect so far remain unknown " !
I say,the problem of any scientific researches related sz, they have no certain determination about the nature of the schizophrenia nature .

After knowing the nature of sz ,you can searching about its cause ,and after finding the substance of the disease YOU can say that schizophrenia is a disease – and do not say sz is any condition before the above things

In other words,there is no trusted scientific answer for the following question;
what is the nature of sz condition ?

There are many mistakes
For example, everyone of you using the name "schizophrenic ’ to describe the characteristics of the person with sz ,and this mistake
you must using the word " schizophrened " instead like depressed ,because the person in the position of affected not in the position of develop the sz or its symptoms (not actor )

The schizophrenia condition which represented in the hallucinations is a factor of change (the mutational factor itself)
-It is autonomous non-rooted by the human functions of the genetic material
-The sz condition arises ontologically due to the functions of its independent factor (H)
-Sz condition or its symptoms does not arise from pathological mutation that occur in the inherited biological system
-Likewise,sz does not cause pathological changes in the inherited “existing / current” biological system

The biological nature remains in its basic position that it was created or it has been existed on it since its initial inception,no change occurs in the inherited structure / function

Means,before,during and after the onset of sz,there is absolutely NO cellular,chemical or functional change in the inherited biological system regardless the existence of any mental disorders or chemical imbalance

In other words,there is no form of sustained pathological changes occurring in the genetic material like what is happens in the genetic diseases

Because,the mutational factor (hallucinations) is an external factor that is not a part from the genetic material or even the psychological self itself ,it is a Parasite in the same position of the virus or bacteria

it means,all symptoms of sz does not arise by action of a defective gene,anatomy,chemical or function self-origin at all ,rather they are arise as a final result of the effectiveness of the mutational factor (H) on the higher mental processes on the level of the cognitive concept and kinetic pathways of the transmitters / receptors

Ask me ,how do you prove these facts ?