Facebook will ban Australian users from sharing or viewing news


The world keeps getting weirder LOL

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Strange How…, The Strange Now…, Speaks Among Eternal Vows…, And Chains In…, The Wow.


Wow…this world is so strange

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This is all Australia’s government’s fault. I followed this story when it was google threatening to block Australia from its services. This is pretty mild in comparison.

When Australia’s law makers put their bill into effect asking to charge online platform for allowing links to third parties - they either were incredibly ignorant of how technology works - or there were purposefully ignoring common sense to support Murdock’s empire .

IMO the whole thing is just old school newspapers feeling out of pocket because people don’t care about them as much now we have the internet, and looking for a way to take money from google/facebook/twitter - that people do use. They’ve campaigned to take Google’s money for no reason, and the government gave in to their demands. This is the consequence of Australia’s government’s actions.


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