Facebook Users Liable For All Comments Under Their Posts, According To Australia High Court

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Can they even moderate those comments? This ruling seems dumb.


That can’t be true in America

It’s just too dumb


Well, @rogueone, nice to know ya. There is now no possible defence for recommending others try Vegemite. Bugger, eh?

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You’ve not been to the People of Walmart site yet?

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Vegemite tastes like beef.

How’d your COVID test go?

Er… Most of us throw it out when it turns grey and pools.

Haha is that a real site? I’ll have to visit it when I get home.

I kinda set myself up there. I’ve always lived on the coast so rural America for me exists only on the TV.

Wow, you might be punished for things that are out of your control. Unless you check your facebook account every 5 minutes…I actually quit facebook a few months ago because I don’t approve of all the tracking and whatnot. But stuff like this just adds one more reason.

A two paragraph article about a high court ruling.
I bet that’s accurate.

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