Facebook the only book people read anymore

no you won’t find me there. but in a way you did.


I quit Facebook. The gvt is now checking social media accounts to determine disability. My life is none of their business!

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How do you know this to be true?

Omg I read that too so I got off it

I seen it on a YouTube video
Go over there and search it and it will bring it up for you

It was in the news @nfy

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Ok, I just read a NY Times article about this.
I don’t have any social media accounts, but I really don’t like this.

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I should really get rid of my Facebook it just upsets me… But I’m scared i will lose touch with old uni friends forever :frowning:

@anon90843118 I worried about the same thing but my paranoia won out. Anyone I actually talk to, I have their number and they have mine. I decided to let the others go. I fully deleted my account. My husband deleted his too.

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Yea I think I should delete it too, Its just slightly difficult to get down n actually delete it but I’m sure I’ll feel better after it. Wat were you paranoid about?

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If they saw me and my husband smiling they’d say that meant we were totally fine and would end our benefits. I’m not able to work yet so that would be really bad.

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