Facebook should I?

I’ve been adding my colleagues on Facebook buy afraid they might not want me on theirs

why would you think that? People want facebook friends, don’t worry about it :smile:

Facebook is a place where you can meet people from your past that you’ve ignored on purpose your whole life…all on one site!

It’s a truly dreadful cult imo.


Don’t worry, if someone doesnt want you, they won’t add you. :rabbit: Its just facebook, who cares!

For someone I know personally, I prefer telephone and physical visit rather than Facebook and not even e-mail. Exchanging messages with strangers on forum and e-mail is alright.

Yes. Thank heavens for the BLOCK feature.



I don’t like having my coworkers on Facebook because I am not open about my schizophrenia at work, but I am on Facebook. I even have my name at work and my name on Facebook as different names so they can’t look me up.

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Be cautious about posting personal information on facebook, especially if you have people from your professional life on your friend list. You can easily make multiple facebook accounts for different groups of friends if you want (ie family, coworkers, college, online, etc).

I used to be on facebook back when it was only open to university students but dislike it now and deleted my account.

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