Facebook launches dating service in U.S


Good I deleted my Facebook!! So I couldn’t be suckered into their stupid dating service. Then in 10 years from now I will regret all the women I wouldn’t have met anyways from this dating service.


I have never used any online dating service, no need, I am glad I deactivated my Facebook account after using it a couple of weeks in 2014, I have no need for Facebook. However others may find this Facebook helpful.


I need facebook for school, my collegues comunicate on facebook, if not, i would prefer deleted it


Facebook sux ass.

So happy i dont have it.

Its just drama permanently.

Screw that fake life


Also launched in Canada. They’re hounding me to set up a dating profile. I’m happily married so feck off!

Facebook is nice to share some school documents. I know email is good too but “they” use facebook a lot so…

Instragam, in other hand, is pointless. But it helps a little with the isolation issue

Uhhhhhh I don’t know…this doesn’t seem like a good idea.

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