Facebook isnt working

not as many as i’d like (that i know of) but it is broadcast widely, its community radio so its a bit different than normal but its been sounding amazing lately ‘best i’ve heard’ so i am really happy the station has gotten better :slight_smile:

@Daze it could be nice to see what happens, what if there was no internet? like i’d be ok but the youngins might have a meltdown idk :frowning:

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I use facebook a lot… i think, here it crashed too for me too :confused: It says, that theres no connection to it lol…

Facebook just disappeared. It has been erased from the face of the Earth. Boom! What should we do now?


Fb is crap anyways, I never use it. I just use Duo and sometimes whatsapp to videocall friends. The video quality of messenger sucks and often it fails or is too slow to send messages.

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There was a segment on 60 Minutes about a Facebook whistle-blower who revealed some of the algorithms are aimed at angry posts. Something about hate posts not being taken off. Maybe some hacker collective brought Facebook down?


Also Instagram and YouTube don’t work for me now

Its working for me, yt and yt music.

facebook has been getting really weird news items lately though, its really worrying idk why they share some of these news items that basically are just weird, all common sense out of the window

Thers a study that showed that 80% of fb news are fake.

Is that on messenger?

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Kind of sucks that Messenger is down but I don’t really need BoomerBook for anything.

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maybe you should stop commenting about Facebook,
especially cuz you’re not even on there.

Things are not always what they seem in the world.

I’m sorry for those that use Facebook but I would never utilize Facebook.
It’s a haven for Narcissistic people.

But I realize that not everyone on Facebook are Narcissists.


So is InstaGlam.
And maybe even Sh!tter.

This is the only social media I use actively tbh.


twitter is a cesspool and I’m sad to say I’m fairly hooked on it lol.

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Google Plus used be sewer, but I was on for awhile,

an activist. Called every bad name in the book.

They shut all that down. not even a hint of it being around.

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Facebook is “down” because they need to change their algorithms in light of the 60 Minutes interview last night with the whistleblower. Also, Zuckerberg is scheduled to testify before Congress this week (I’m sure Instagram is also down(Facebook owns Instagram)).


The news just said it was down due to DNS issues, but I wasn’t paying attention so I didn’t catch all the details.

DNS is the Domain Name System. In a nutshell every computer on the Internet is identified by a number called an IP address, but it is hard to remember all these numbers so they invented the DNS system because domain names are easier for humans to remember (eg: facebook.com). When you type in a domain name it is associated with an IP address so your browser knows what website (server) to access.

If they have updated their DNS information it can take up to 48-72 hours (theoretically) for that DNS information to propagate around the planet to all the other DNS servers, so Facebook could be down for a while for some people…usually it doesn’t take nearly that long though.

Facebook face-plants. :thinking: :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That’s all I really appreciate at the moment

No time for Instagram - my life is not special enough to want to document in a photo album online

WhatsApp I use but Face time just now was a good back up, but I missed the funny faces you can put on messenger :frowning: