Facebook charge overdrafted me at the bank...I am going to cover it

I thought I would be smart and boost a post for ten dollars last month…on my facebook page for my book that is…well, they JUST NOW finally took out the ten dollars when I already spent all my money so I have to deposit ten dollars cash tomorrow morning so I don’t get overdrafted…I am so pissed…

I read something once about how overdraft fees in the US are extremely high. I don’t think we have fees for that here, just regular interest.

I’ve got online broadcaster friends who have had nothing but trouble with using FB boosting. Not only are there problems with timeliness of payments, they will also take out subsequent payments without authorization. Even worse, if you get page likes through the boost they won’t let you keep them unless you keep paying more. Apparently you only get to keep organic page likes.

that’s what I am afraid of…they won’t let me pull out my card info either…they make it impossible… @velociraptor do you have facebook in canada? I wish someone would help me stop my payment info to facebook…

I limited the amount of money they could charge me to 0.01 cents…there that should do it…

Get a prepaid card and add that as your new payment method. That way your bank isn’t connected anymore.

I owe FB $5 from when they waited a whole month to charge me.

I always pay money up front, either cash, card or bank transfer, and never when in doubt about my account balance…

What’s your book about, @jukebox ?

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We do have it here, but I can’t tell you how to stop payment as I’ve never entered credit card info into the service.

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I wonder why it didn’t charge you right away

You got fooled.

thanks @velociraptor I went to where they say the limit on how much they could charge me to $0.01 cents…that should do it…feel a lot better…

@ZmaGal apparently that is how they do business…it’s been over a month since I boosted a post…frustrating…now I had to put a precious $10 cash deposit in the bank account tomorrow morning…sad…


I’m sorry they do it that way. That really sucks


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