Facebook accounts

There was a topic here about creating and recreating Twitter accounts but I do this with Facebook and it must be very very annoying for other people when I take them off and keep re-adding them every time i open up a FB account. What the heck is wrong with me? I’ve done it like 80-100 times already. I cannot help it. I’ve done it four times in the past four days.

Why don’t you just stop using Facebook? It’s not a way of life - it’s a website.

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Yeah I’ve stopped but then I go back on it to annoy more people.

Nothing is wrong with that though, who cares if you do that or how many times, delete and re-create to your hearts content i say!

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It happens and is understandable. Im usually editing messages until I feel like it fits my thinking. Sometimes I do it to make it more clearer. Maybe im a perfectionist. Would you think it seems like ocd to a degree?