Face weight on invega vs Abilify

Hi there I am wondering if anyone has any input when it comes to this. I’m switching from invega to Abilify and I’m wondering if the weight I gained on my face will drop once I’m on the Abilify and the invega is out of my system. It’s not fair because I barely gained any weight on invega something like 25 pounds but now my face looks super bloated and I don’t look the same :(. If your on Abilify do you look the same as before you went on Abilify…? And if you made the switch to Abilify did you notice if it became unbloated

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I had the same issue on invega (my face got fat first lol) I honestly don’t know if I notice a difference on abilify…

My weight gain on invega has not dropped off much on Aripiprazole(Abilify)

I was on olanzipine originally. It seems whatevr effect that medication had, was quite long lasting, because since then , even after changing to aripiprazole (abilify) , my weight has been taking time to lower and face weight included.

Cholesterol was becoming an issue and now is one outright, initially bc of olanzipine and now just bc I started to not care for a bit, which I’m trying to reverse.

I always get shin splints whilst running or skipping rope tho, so I need to figure out a way to do these things without the issue (again, this happened after olanzipine , don’t know if there’s a correlation or causation of any sort

Let me add. I am less less bloated though, face wise. Whilst it’s chubby, it’s not as bad.

I’ve noticed the days I get good sleep routine, those weeks, I can have days where I do look remarkably different