Face reveal

no children or skeletons were harmed in the making of this video…sorry for the bad audio…


You guys look like such a happy family!!!

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Aw! I will have to watch this when I get on cable wifi tomorrow.

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Yeah such a Happy family!
Nice video @flameoftherhine!

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Oh man @flameoftherhine you made little Flamelet cry! The kid will have jelly bean phobias :scream:

Where does one get jelly beans that have flavors like spoiled milk or boogers? And how do the makers of these jellybeans verify the flavors are accurate? :thinking:

That was pretty funny though, especially when Flamelet takes off running. Your son is one cute little kid! :joy:

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@ninjastar the teen is not mine… shes the neighbors daughter there are no other kids around her age so she ends up playing with my little one a lot… and thank you…

@Wave thank you thank you…

@Moonbeam we have all made an agreement no more nasty food… Walmart sells them and the internet…im pretty sure it started from harry potter… ive never had boogers or spoiled milk before but the puke and the fresh cut grass was pretty accurate so im assuming the boogers and spoiled milk were pretty close… and he is so energetic and funny and he knows he is funny… and he loves seeing himself on youtube lol… I will never push him into doing something he doesn’t like but I will help him do whatever he wants and he loves youtube so I will put forth the effort aslong as he is mostly having fun…

@metime its kinda funny…the little one is a show stealer for sure lol


oh gosh! jelly beans! lol


that’s an embarrassing intro…hey guys want to watch me almost throw up…lolz…

Is it you flamy in the video…wearing facemask…

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maybe… I could be the toddler though…

Ur son looks just like u :wink:Jk
Nice beard btw

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he looks like I did when I was little…i had blonde hair and blue eyes… I was trying to trim my beard and ended up having to keep trimming to even it up so it lost half of its length…lol

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I got this here at the beach and me and the kids played it. Some are truly awful

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its pretty terrible… and now I second guess all jelly beans… lol… stupid internet tricking us all into thinking its fun to dry heave…

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