Face more asymmetrical? Is this possible?

I feel like when I look in the mirror I notice that my face has become slightly more asymmetrical. Me noticing these changes started about a year and 3 months into being on zyprexa. (I’m on 7.5mg).

When I yawn I don’t yawn completely straight, because of tight neck muscles(I believe), and my thought is that maybe this is what causes asymmetry, yawning unevenly, but the problem is that I don’t know how much I’m imagining it and how much I’m actually noticing changes in my face.

I’m scared that the medication is causing this, and that the uneven yawning is making it worse.

I need opinions, does this sound possible? I have had problems with yawning long before being on medication, but it was over a year being on medication I noticed more asymmetry in face.

Definitely something to report to your doctor. It could just be a faulty perception, or it could be the begining of a side effect. If you usually wear a mask to appointments, your doctor might not notice unless you specifically point it out.

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I will talk to my doctor about it. I have mentioned it just briefly but he thought it sounded unlikely, but I will talk to him about it again and stress it more.

@ninjastar Do you think it’s possible? If I think about it rationally, it sounds kind of odd, like can the facial structure change that easily? It does sound odd, but yet it’s what I think I’m experiencing. I don’t know much about anatomy, and don’t know much about how medication works either. I’m not sure what the mechanism could be…

Facial structure can change. It is heavily dependent upon the muscles and fat distribution. I know that when people undergo hormonal gender transition, their face can become more masculine or feminine. I know that stroke survivors sometimes have uneven expressions due to damage to the portion of the brain that controls that side of the face. I know that believing your reflection is distorted can be a symptom of psychosis. I have not heard of this being a side effect of antipsychotics, but I am not a doctor.

I ended up developing TD over the pandemic, and my doctor did not notice until we started doing telehealth appointments because he finally saw my face without a mask.


What I’m noticing is not so much the facial bones changing themselves, it’s more like my face is more “skewed”, as opposed to straight, like my jaw and cheekbones are not straight compared to rest of face. Only explanation I have is that uneven yawning is doing it, but that the medication does something so it happens. I don’t know. I could be imagining it a bit, but I’m pretty sure I notice a difference too.

Have you asked other people in your life if they have noticed your face looking different? Have you looked at older pictures compared to recent pictures?

No I have not. I may have to do that.

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I would definitely call it to the attention of your doctor because it may not be related to your sz/sza or psych meds at all but could be a physical problem @magz.


This is really stressing me out. Anyone else can chime in with their opinion? I talked to a doc about it and he thought it was unlikely.

I’m sure it’s stressful,

But no one here can tell you what it is.

I will say this though,

I’ve been told that my severe side effects were “unlikely” the medication.

They were, every time.

You have to advocate for yourself and push the subject to get attention.

If I were you, I’d schedule to see my pdoc as soon as I can, specifically to talk about this subject.

Don’t let them redirect you,

Keep on track.

Write down an outline of how you want to present these symptoms and any questions you have.

I was on 40mg of olanzapine for 17 years, it never effected my facial symmetry. I’ve never heard of that side effect but that doesn’t mean zyprexa might not be responsible. Talk to your doctor and see what he says.

Uneven yawning can’t change your face.
But maybe your yawning is uneven because of something. Maybe something had happened to your control of your facial muscles that makes your jaw area look and move asymmeyrically.

I’d definitely get it looked at by a doctoe

Could it be that you are sleeping badly?

My yawn is lopsided and was so before meds.

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