Face coverings to be made mandatory again in England this Tuesday

I’m not telling my Autistic housemate as he’s going to hit the roof. And if Christmas gets cancelled he’s going to have a major meltdown. I nearly had a pint glass thrown at me yesterday just for hinting at it.


So your autistic mate has fits of rage? My son was diagnosed autistic & he does. Just curious

@Loke Yes big time.

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He also follows a strict routine and if this is challenged he goes into a meltdown.

i understand that. i have ASD too and i like my routines too… i need to know in advance if it’s gonna be changed or not.

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You know what, me thinking about his Autism, This explains somethings why he can be horrible to me. I’ve lived with him for 10 years and I don’t see his autism. I need to be more empathic towards his behaviours.

The poor fellas probably just frustrated, cos he cannot explain his emotions properly to other people. My Daughter has the same - her comforter is one of those squeeges you use for washing up.

I been wearing my face mask anyway - cos i knew there would be another break out.


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