Face body altering

People in my body changing my features making my nose shorter,changing my shoulders and doing many other things dont know how to stop them this is odd. But feel so sad, miss my pretty face.

My mother has this and so do many with schizophrenia, when I had it I noticed voice alterations but I never experienced face-blindness or inabilities to recognize features. I’m not sure what causes it, probably the paranoia and psychosis. Beauty is within, I don’t think outward appearances are what defines a person. Merely descriptors.

No one is trying to change your features, that’s impossible. Talk to your pdoc, you’re not alright.


I think it is more a matter of how you handle it. Being attractive and being ugly both have their advantages and their drawbacks.

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I find people who don’t fit modern “attractive” standards to be beautiful and I find people beautiful even when they think they aren’t. I think that’s one thing that a man has never really grasped with me. I don’t look for beauty at face value. A man who is attracted for me for what I really am is much more important than someone or anyone who would base our friendship upon my outward appearance. Lately I just find people who aren’t attractive, more attractive.