F20, plane & schizophrenia

F20 is the general code for schizophrenia.
F20.0 is paranoid schizophrenia.
My pdoc usually writes the diagnosis on the prescription, F20, without specific subtype.
I told him that in DSM the subtypes are no longer listed. In Greece we use ICD, and in US I think they use DSM

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Just an idea of reference. I struggle with this daily.

Are you from USA? Your pdoc uses DSM?
I told mine that DSM is like a bible for psychiatrists, and he told me that’s it’s like ■■■■. Lol. He doesn’t just read superficially the symptoms listed in the DSM and doesn’t make diagnosis like that.

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My diagnosis said F20

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I agree with him. Every case is different.
And it’s different to have a living person in front of you, rather than simply listing symptoms from a book

Where are you from? Do they use ICD in your country?

I am in the UK. I don’t think they use DSM here.

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That’s right. ICD is used in Europe.

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Do you agree with the Brexit?

The first psychiatrist diagnosed me with schizoaffective.
The second and third psychiatrists usually were writing F20.3, undifferentiated schizophrenia.
But it is more paranoid, F20.0.
Well, I don’t care for labels anymore

TV just said “someday we will understand that all are soulless robots” omg

Yes I do agree with Brexit. I voted leave.

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Why? What’s the benefits? Just curious.

OK, what do you think of Nigel Farage? Extreme?

I don’t see any benefits. All countries want to join European Union

All the poor ones. I think Brexit is good because of independence and stuff.

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We will be able to be more competitive, make our own trade deals and not have two governments or be controlled by over 25 different countries.

It will be the United States of Europe eventually.

Before the EU was created a group of countries including the UK just wanted it to be about trade, and now it’s much more political than we ever wanted.

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Makes perfect sense. Thank You!

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I like Nigel Farage. We don’t have many politicians who speak their minds.


I think the soul-less robots thing is just a ridiculous delusion. We may or may not have souls, but we all have consciousness. Maybe some don’t but we cannot prove either way. I think time spent on it is stupid unless you got a proof you can publish and get some fame and fortune. Just my opinion. You’re a very smart guy. Have you thought about being a computer programmer or something?

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