F this bday, i just want my grandpa

I went to the diamond backs opening game tonite with my whole family, to celebrate my birthday… My grandpa on the way to the ticket entrance fell and had to go to the hospital where they found out he has a cracked skull… Hes 87 years old… I just want my grandpa to live… I dont wanna cry…i dont know what to do…


Oh my goodness! I’m so sorry! I hope he’ll be okay. I don’t know anything about skull fractures, but that doesn’t sound good. How scary!

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Its horrifying… I dont want to lose him! :disappointed_relieved:


Is he close enough to you to visit him regularly? Maybe you can spend a lot of time with him just in case he’s not able to recover.


I am so sorry this happened…I am praying your grandfather makes it through o k.

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Thank yall… He actually lives with us 1/2 of the year and my aunt in texas the other half… My parents r staying at the hospital tonite and im going to vist in the morning… He looks really bad…


I’m sorry your Grandfather got hurt @Itsme. And that you and your family are going through this too.
I hope he will recover and get better. Thoughts and prayers.

I hope your grandfather recovers. We’re here for you stay strong. (Hugs)

Oh geez. :astonished: I’m sure he’ll be ok.

Sending good, healing vibes your way, friend. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this right now, and I hope your grandpa will be okay!

I’m sorry this happened @Itsme. I hope your grandfather recovers. I am sure your grandfather is feeling the love, comfort and strength from you and your family.

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