F*****g bosses!

My s/dau has been going the extra mile at work for the last few miles,covering both managerial work and hands on care work. That’s because of staff numbers being low and people refusing the vaccine. Turns out they haven’t been paying her for all the overtime she’s been putting in . Nor fuel money which is well into 3 figures.

It’s the norm for people well to the right of me to talk of good for nothing workers etc or the total mindcr*p of rich = hard working, poor= lazy and feckless.

What’s overlooked is that there are conscientious, hard working people like my s/dau going the extra mile or more at a difficult time only to be treated disgracefully. She’s got an interview for another job next week. I wonder whether it’ll be a case of leaping out of the frying into the fire. Exploitation is far from rare in this and any other crisis.


I’m sorry for your step daughter @firemonkey
It’s not fair.


I wish the best for your stepdaughter and hope she finds a place where she’ll be appreciated and compensated for her hard work.


Is that even legal? I would be enraged


Mrs. Jayster stayed at our pharmacy when it was sold to another group one year ago. Seems they have not used her supplemental insurance since the transfer. And it is such an effort to get this corrected!

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Have you been struggling financially because of that?

I’ve been a victim of wage theft too - by a charity no less! It’s a really low feeling. Sorry she’s going through this. It really sucks to be taken for granted and then exploited.

  • that should be for the last few months.

Thanks for the concern about my finances. I am Okay!

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