Eyes Wide Shut

I just watched that movie for the first time and it both reminded me, as well as gave me the same feeling of being followed as before I watched the movie and during my “psychotic” episode.

In the movie Tom cruise is reminded of his infidelity and spying during his night infiltrating a cult. I myself had those same feelings of transgression and punishment for breaking the rules. After, Tom Cruise is investigating his encounter while being told to cease his inquiries by use of threats and implied occurancies that show these people are everywhere. I also had this perception that people were spying on me and reading off my daily life to me through anonymous postings on the internet.

It was all very freaky and now part of me wonders whether this was stagged to scare me as they told Tom Cruise to keep him from talking about what he saw.

So how was your day?

Your reaction to “Eyes Wide Shut” was out of fear of yourself. Whether you accept or deny it, you have yet to healed from trauma. Practice mindfulness for alternative perspectives. Here’s an example: “Even though I thought of being followed, I won’t allow it to conflict with today’s goals.”

It was out of fear of myself? How did you come to that conclusion if you don’t mind me asking? I don’t mean to hurt your feelings if that’s what you feel from me asking this question.

You state examples of vulnerability.

So vulnerability leads to fearing myself? Sorry I’m not quite making the connection.

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In the past, you were vulnerable and not consoled thoroughly. From your above statement, you continue to have “flashbacks.” This correlates with unfinished emotional business.

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I just remember the sex scene. :rolling_eyes:


Thank you. It makes much more sense now.

@Sarad XD which one?

Something with the mirror. :speak_no_evil:
But I don’t like Tom Cruise at all. Go watch Despicable me instead :slight_smile:

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One time I was in the hospital and they wouldn’t let me watch Finding Nemo lol


They should asked themselves what they were feared of.

They should just keep swimming.

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