Eye-sight affected by schizophrenia?

I have 20:10 vision which is double the average. However, since psychosis I have experienced some visual distortion: fuzzy/noisy sight, double-vision, blurring of faces at a distance (but not other objects), an increase in “floaters” (black/white specks caused by loose proteins floating around in the eye-ball), strange flying “cells” which move around in spiral patterns, sometimes my vision looks like everything is being sucked into a vortex.

I have talked to an Optician, my vision is still 20:10, but she says all of these issues would be caused either by medication, hallucinations, damage to the nerves or the brain. Most of these kicked in when withdrawing from Risperidone.

Anyone else experienced similar issues?

I’m the only person I know who has 20/10 vision. I’ve never had my vision affected by meds. Some antipsychotics can build up in the eye and lead to cataracts, however.

My poor eye sight is not antipsychotic meds related.

I’ve recently over the past year developed issues with my eyesight. I plan on seeing an eye doctor for an evaluation within the next couple of weeks. I am also on Risperidone, my primary med for SZA for the past 10 years. I’ve developed some farsightedness and have experienced moments when my vision has become very blurred and fuzzy. I also noo w have difficulty driving at night due to these problems especially in the rain. It seems that the glare created from street lights reflecting off of the water on the streets seriously effects my ability to see. I’m having an MRI soon to find out if this along with memory problems is due to SZA or some other cause.

Also i found out that long term smoking effects vision also. Some have become blind from smoking cigarettes. I smoke a pack a day now.