Eye contact and face recognition

What does the cashier at the grocery store think of me when I don’t make eye contact.

I seldom remember faces even if I go to the same grocery store.

I know my one neighbours’ face but don’t know what his wife looks like.

I live in a not so big town. People would greet me in town but I have no clue who they are.

Sometimes I might put in an effort to look someone in the eyes but when I turn around and walk away I won’t recognize their face a moment later.

I live in a very small village. I know only three neighbours. The rest I won’t recognize anywhere.

I wonder what all these people think of me. I know they must recognize me but I don’t recognize them. It’s like I live in a world of my own.

Do you experience the same?

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Its a negative and cognitive symptom of sz.
I have it along with apathy, asociality, avolition and anhedonia.

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I can’t make eye contact with people because it distracts me from my train of thought and sometimes I believe they can read my mind through my eyes.

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I keep to myself, mostly. People like me better when I do that, and I like people better when I do that. I’m really bad about remembering names too. I don’t get a lot of information because I am such a loner. A lot of jobs used to pass me by because I didn’t get the word of mouth information other people got.

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Why not use self checkout where you scan your groceries, pay for them using a credit card and not need to encounter a cashier at all. (no need to handle coins and paper money)

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