Eye Color (A Poll)

What’s your eye color?

  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Mixed
  • Other

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Grey eyes…not blue but more grey.

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Blue and yellowish-green around the pupil.

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I find it kind of interesting how eye colour is decided. Mum has blue, dad has brown, I and my brothers all have blue, strangely.

My ex has brown eyes. My son has a nice mix of some brown, some grey, some other colours, in lightness just inbetween our colours.

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Hazel 1515151515

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Hazel - A 15 or 16 .

My eyes are dark brown. Like everyone else in my family. Except my mom. Hers were green. She was the only white member of the family.

Mine are inbetween blue and green.

They can pass as both lol

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I have grey eyes as well!! I really like mine I find them beautiful!

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