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You know Tiger Woods, the golfer, right? Isn’t his story astounding? His fall from grace is a story for the ages.
The guy was at the top of his profession, on track to be the best, most successful golfer ever. At his peak the had one of the most lucrative endorsement deals ever with Nike and other sponsors. He played golf like a machine, he could do no wrong, and he had a squeaky clean image.

Then one day a simple, small news story came out. A traffic accident at his home; someone suffered minor injuries. Then, the story exploded: something like someone tried to run someone over, then it comes out that his wife tried to run him over or hit him with a golf club or smashed his car windows with the golf club. The details were sketchy.

Then it finally came out; his wife had discovered he had cheated on her with multiple women and she tried to hurt him in a jealous rage. Then the truth finally came out: he was a serial cheater and a womanizer who had been fooling the world while married.

The fall out was dramatic and immiediate, his wife filed for divorce. His sponsors dropped him. And his golf game suffered. The best golfer ever was suddenly no longer the best and he soon lost his ranking as number one in the world and he never recovered. He went from hero to goat and was no longer front page news.

Personally, I liked the guy. I saw him on talk shows and he seemed cool, like a really nice guy with a good sense of humor. But he was living a double life. It’s actually a sad story, and an amazing story in a negative way of how far someone can fall.

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Once I worked for someone who was just like that. He had a girlfriend at that time, and he would bring a series of girls to the office to hook up, sometimes even prostitutes. I would hear them sometimes have sex on the table in the office but I kept my mouth shut. Maybe he was a sex addict but his girlfriend had no clue. Eventually they got married and had kids but he still used to sleep around. I left that job sometime later but people like these are really common, I just don’t understand why they like to have a serious relationship on the side. For example Tiger woods, why did he get married?! Enjoy your single life, hook up with as many girls as you like but why hurt someone? Maybe they enjoy the thrill of it doing it secretly.

I can understand it. These people probably went into their marraiges with the intent to stay committed to their wives and they probably actually love their wives but they couldn’t resist temptation. If you are rich, famous, powerful, and good looking, like Tiger Woods then you don’t even need to chase other women, you have women throwing themselves at you. There are always girls who want to sleep with famous men all over the world.


Jordan Spieth has the potential to be as good as Tiger was.

It’s kind of odd, but being in a relationship can make someone more desirable. Sometimes anyways. And yeah I know people kind of get off on the sneaking around and having secrets they can hold over peoples heads and ■■■■.

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The faithful have truly made a more lasting impression upon me.

I never can tell who will be there for life, or who will cheat.

Sometimes I think it might be all on impulse.

I always wondered what happened to him. We used to read his news here in the Middle East and one day it stopped. Brilliant golfer.

Unfortunately, he is no longer brilliant at golf. He rarely wins any tournaments these days.
But his past accomplishments on the golf course speak for themselves. He has a legacy that few other golfers can match.

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Long ago when men cursed and beat the ground with sticks, it was called witchcraft. Today, it’s called golf.

I don’t think that was the only thing he did “like a machine.” He was raised to be one thing and – from the reports of those who knew him on the tour – one thing only. He didn’t really know anything about life. (Think, “raised in a bubble.”)

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I don’t think his life is so tragic or different than other sports stars that lost their edge due to outside Influence , usually its drugs or alcohol that does a athlete in,for him there was a limit to how much sex he could have and still keep his game.

But there are verified stories of him regularly taking waitress’ in the bathroom while his wife was at the table.

As for his contracts man he still has alot of money, and his talent is unquestionable.

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