Extremely excited, going on a vacation

Finally getting out of this hell hole house, where I’ve been doing nothing for years. I’m going on a five day cruise for my birthday, hopefully it’ll clear my head. I leave the 19th and my birthday is on the 20th, I will be able to drink and gamble. Any lucky numbers for roulette?


Congrats on the vacation! And early Happy Bday to you. Enjoy it to the fullest!



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Hey friend,really congratulation,I needed more experience going outside from work or home but I a confident,once again congratulation

hey, thats great :slight_smile:

remember to take a supply of meds and take it easy on the alcohol

apart from that have fun and try not to fall over the side lol

take care x

lucky lucky. have fun. judy

Happy Early Birthday and I’m glad you get to go.

I was supposed to go on a cruise, but I chickened out last minute. Good for you - Happy Birthday

happy birthday for the 20th and i hope the holiday is a good one.
take care

Happy (early) Birthday! Enjoy!

Is it Carnival Cruise lines?

@77nick77 it is a carnival cruise. The carnival paradises it’s called. I’ve been on a couple different cruise lines that where better but carnival is suffice