Extreme Rapid Weight Gain

So I was started on Latuda 3 months ago and began gaining weight. I was then switched briefly to a combination of Seroquel and Haldol, continued gaining weight, and was put on the maximum dose (12mg) of Invega two weeks ago. Over the past week I have gained NINE pounds. My weight has gone from 250 to 286 in 3 months.

I have changed my diet: Diet drinks, NO fast food (used to eat fast food every day now I eat none), very low fat and watching calories.

I continue to gain weight at record breaking speeds.

My question is this: I know Invega dramatically increases Prolactin levels which can cause weight gain but I’m wondering if Latuda, Seroquel, and Haldol also elevate prolactin. If they do, does it make sense to try adding Abilify to my meds to lower prolactin levels and would that help me stop gaining weight?

While I can’t answer your question about Abilify, I will say that I gained about 40 pounds on Latuda. I’m also on Trilafon and I believe both of them are elevating my prolactin levels as my period is messed up now. However, I have not gained weight from Trilafon (nor did I gain weight from Haldol when I was on it).

My period’s messed up too, I haven’t had one in 28 years!

I had it with Solian, extreme weight gain, i switched to Abilify and it stopped, my weight is stable for years now and i am loosing weight slow but its doing it

I’m sorry, weight management is tough with sz. If it werent for cigs and having my own place i would be 400 lbs prolly. I only keep bland-tasting food in my place, that way i only eat when i’m hungry. For me it’s not all meds causing the problem, it’s severe anhedonia making me want to use food as escape.

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