|||~@~Extraterrestrial Aliens, U.F.O.'s, & Meditation~@~|||


Aliens. Are They Real?. Or!, is The Entire Subject Really Oblivious to The Truth?.

That We Are Alone. In an Endlessly Expanding Universe.

The Question Arrives.

What Kind of Aliens Have Been Reported?.

Well. Look No Further.

Here is a Quick List!. (Feel Free to Search on Google Thus List of Aliens & See What You Find)

|||~@~(((ALIENS & ALIENS)))~@~|||

  • Flatwoods Monster

  • Greys

  • Hopkinsville Goblin

  • Litte Green Men

  • Nordic Aliens

  • Crytozoological Animals & Cryptobotanical Plants

  • Reptilians & Reptiloids

  • Secret Results of Genetic Engineering


True? Is it False?. Is Imagination Really, That Out of Thus World?.

Alien abduction reports skyrocketed when the first alien themed shows were broadcasted. So it’s mostly made up.

Still can’t rule out every possibility though.

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I’m gonna use my psychic powers like Michael Ironside in Scanners to get this thread locked.

One, two, buzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.


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Thank You @naturallycured, So Reports Ran Off The Charts After The Very First Alien Shows Were Broadcasted?. Fascinating. And Scary… . … :black_heart: :sleeping: :black_heart:

(((Legend Has it, ‘Around And Around’, Was a Secret Message to Mark Kozelek)))

(((From Creative, And Quiet Aliens)))

@Montezuma, I Find Your Humour to Be Unamusing. Aliens, Afterall, Could Save us From Ourselves… . … :snake: :sleeping: :snake:

Cryptosoid is what I need

Hmm?. Do Yuu MeeN Cryptzoid?.

(((~?~Is Thus Actual Footage of Aliens~?~)))

Yeah cryptzoid lefty

d0 YuU MeeN Cryptozoid?.

:snake: :sleeping: :snake:

If life developed on this planet the way science determined, it’s possible. But I don’t believe flying saucers.


Like Evolution, @screwercs?.

That is an Interesting Statement.

I Never Put Two & Two Together… . …

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Whats that planet again bro??

As Kurt Cobain Says, @MHS, ‘All Apologies’. I Don’t Speak in “broham” Language.

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(((Legend Has it, Thus Song Was Written, by)))

(((An Alien’s First Day Hiding And Invisible On Earth)))

…@…<.>…In All Alien Honesty. No One Should Speak in “broham” Language…<.>…@…

(((Secret Footage of One Very Angry Alien)))

The universe seems massive. I would be surprised if there Was Not an alien species somewhere, like some alien microorganisms crawling around in another galaxy. :hugs:

@ATARI, I wasn’t making fun of you, or your beliefs.

I sort of believe in aliens myself, way out in other universes possibly. I just don’t believe in a lot of abduction stories.

But I was just making a joke about how these threads tend to get locked quickly, nothing directed personally at ya.

Peace :v:.

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@Montezuma!, I Was Being Sarcastic. I Know, I Know, No One Can Hear The Voice Frequency.

My Bad!.

But!, I Was Kinda Being Serious About Being Saved By Aliens. Sometimes Seems (With All of The Endless Wars And Violence), Jus Seems Like We, As Humans Could Use Some Outside Force. Like Peaceful, Miracle Creating Aliens to Get Everyone on The Same Page.

All is Well Dude!.

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Yes!, @anon90843118!.

I Would Be Surprised if The Aliens Weren’t Much, Much More Than Microorganisms!.

Maybe if We Find Those Tiny Creepy Crawlies. They’ll Turn Out to Be Vicious Alien Pets!.

SoO0…, NASA Better Be Careful Out There (!!!).

All of Our Lives Might Be Depending on Their Possible Discoveries!.

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Oh okay cool! :blush:

It is very fascinating to think about. Like if there was a species way more advanced than us, would they be more peaceful? Or would they also be warmongers?