Extracting text from an image?

Do any of you know any good and reliable/safe sites that will allow me to do that ?

You mean text that is on the image itself or text that is hidden in the image file?

Either way, just google it and then google if the top sites are safe. Which they usually always are.


Text in the image itself . I want to extract the text from this.

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Maybe google OCR. Some OCR software/sites might be able to do it.




Thanks for trying to help,but unfortunately it didn’t work for me . Probably due to the layout of the text in the png.

                               1111 Recent ancestry       9 Maternal ancestry           d paternal ancestry           6eer Foully matching
  rdNLiving DNA                      " C e a ,,,e,,,Y 1

                               Europe                                     10096

                               •   Great Britain and Ireland              100%
      Tim                      •   Aberdeenshire                          40 496

                                   South Yorkshire                        14 596

• Dashboard Southwest Scotland and Northern 13 396
• Ancestry Ireland
• Southeast England 696
Wellbeing • bast Anglia 496
1p Store Ireland 3 696
)1( DNA Profiles Northumbria 3 696
Northwest England 3 596
0 Account • central England 25
• North Yorkshire 2 596 00
C) Help • North Wales 2 396
(4 Sign out • Cornwall 1 796
Collapse map. aDowsTeemap improve •

You could try cropping the image(s), but that might take more time than just typing it out yourself.

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I did as you suggested , but it still don’t work very well. Although I’m a slow typist typing it out myself may indeed be the better option .

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what about right clicking on the image? what are your options on the drop bar?

^ If I could right click and snip the options I’d show you . Basically though there’s nothing suggesting I can extract the text from the image.

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