Extended Period of Eligibility SSDI

Anybody gone through this? I am considering it.

As I understand it is 36 months of benefits where if you work and make less than SGA you still get your benefits. If you go over your benefit is reduced or withheld completely.

I interview for a temporary job tomorrow so it wouldn’t be over 36 months and it is intermittent, part time or full time work schedule so some months I will go over and some months I won’t.

Sounds like a good stepping stone for going back to work and the job is work from home to start.


Good luck!!! @TomCat


I don’t have any experience with this but i wish you well, @TomCat!

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Ok. Not a lot of people seem to have gone from disability back to work here.

I think I am ready.

They offered me a job a few months ago and I declined it. I hope they don’t hold ithat against me. I will try to nail the interview.

I applied for a few state jobs too but I really want a federal job


My interview went well. They remembered me from last time. She said I could expect 40 hours a week or more so I will definitely be above SGA.

They said start date would be February 19th.

I just have to wait and see if I get an offer.

40 hours a week will be hard but I might try it.

Fingers crossed.


That’s great! Finger’s crossed.

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I hope you get the offer!

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Although working is hard it’s good to have something to do.

When I was first diagnosed I did nothing for 6 months but focus on my problems.

Having a day job actually broke that cycle.

Good luck


Thanks. I actually managed to work the first several years I was sick and I was much worse then.

I just need so much sleep now it is going to be hard.

It’s probably all the medication

I am on Amisulpride now and although I take 800mg it doesn’t make me anywhere near as tired as other ones.

I have found that I have switched meds far more than if I didn’t have a job.

When I was on Olanzapine I was completely zombified and don’t know how I got away with it.

My wife doesn’t think I am going to be able to work very long. She thinks I am shooting myself in the foot.

I got my results back on the test I took to be a revenue officer with the IRS. I am in group B. Highly Qualified. Wish I would have been in group A. Superior qualified.

Oh well. I guess I am not much of a brainiac. At least I passed.

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I worked about 2 months this year and made $19,200. It counted for 4 months though because they were in partial months. I shouldn’t have wasted the other 5 months of my trial work period making $15 an hour. At the part time job I was making $400 per day.

Unfortunately that job was only part time. It was only work for about 3 months out of the year.

So wish I could have turned that into a full time gig.

The job I just interviewed for is about $180 per day. Doesn’t quite compare but it’s full time so would be more money per year.

With the government shut down an every one gone for the holidays I imagine it’s going to be a while before I hear back on this job.

I applied for several state jobs too and one of the HR people marked me not qualified for the one I really wanted and I am way over qualified. Trying to get in touch with but she is still out of the office

Good job on qualifying and passing the test! That’s great! I think if you’ve been stable for quite some time you should be able to work, especially since you feel ready to go back. That sucks that you’ve used up a lot of your trial work period. But I think you can have the insight to know if you’re ready. You don’t seem psychotic or anything so you’re probably good to go. Best of luck to you. Just curious, what interests you in government work?

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I think the government gave me schizophrenia and they sure pay me a lot of disability. Maybe they will give me a job

A friend of mine just texted me. The Census Buteau called him as a reference and he said he gave me two thumbs up.

Maybe I will hear back before the shutdown ends.


Awesome news! I hope you hear soon.

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Good luck! I’m happy for you that you’re friend helped you out with a good reference!

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Thank you. He is one of the people I have told I have schizophrenia.

He flies for American Airlines. I am jealous as hell.

I am nervous of who else they might have called because I am sure there are rumors about me and people talk. I haven’t told everyone

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I always failed when I tried to return to my career as a residential designer…but that has a lot of deadlines so the pressure always made me buckle…I know your potential @TomCat I wish you luck.

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