Exposure Therapy 2.0

Dr Joseph LeDoux has developed a way to erase fear memories without the use of any drugs or substances, merely by using the timing of exposures to fear cues.

See the video below - 5 minute clip - ‘Coming to Terms with Fear by Joseph LeDoux’.


Nice video @NutsAboutU thanks for sharing…!!!

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I have a tv phobia and hate television, possibly because I have social phobia and even the tv is too much for me. So did this exposure training using the tv this morning.


Are u married @NutsAboutU …???

Did it help?


I’m single but would prefer to be able to tolerate close relationships.

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Seems to have. I did the first session this morning but it might take a few sessions. Maybe the effect won’t be immediately dramatic, unlike a drug for example. They say that these psychological benefits take a while to be incorporated into day to day behaviour.

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