Expose of a work experience

LHC turned Nazi in my eyes as well when they closed HH. No more social activities. No more Mr Nice Guy. Instead, LHC became a labor camp. Participants were made to wash agency cars, mow lawns, and otherwise work their butts off for min wage. When HH was closed, I immediately smelled a rat. I observed participants serving the agency rather than the other way round! And LHC overall served itself just to keep running. W---- got new computer equipment whenever he asked for it. No questions. But getting a new scanner for my use was like pulling teeth. I was painfully aware that my wage and hours were unequal to what S----, a street hire, had had prior to me taking over. My main crime, in their eyes, was being able to remember and think. No, there was nothing fair about how LHC treated us. We were not equal to the street hires, even when we performed the same tasks, did the same jobs. Oops. I had my eyes and ears open, while the others were just glad for a little pocket money. LHC even tried to get me on their insurance, which, oddly enough, offered no mental health coverage. That was just asinine. Of course I’d never go for that. And what was their interest in getting me off of medicaid? I loved medicaid, and obviously it was a far better deal than no mental coverage at all. What kind of republican bullsh-t was that on the part of the agency? It was born of sheer jealousy or something. Street hires couldn’t get medicaid, so participants should also be denied. That was pure redneck philosophy. Well, I was a danger to their little operation, but justice was on my side…

I had a wench of a boss that strongly favored the women. I was written up for crap that others got away with. My mum worked her azz off for people that hardly gave raises for 18 years. I worked at a call center once where you had to kiss the callers ass even if they were screaming and calling you names.

Working sucks ass

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Amen to that – and to not doing it if we don’t have to.

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