Exploring the Relationship Between Movement Disorders and Physical Activity in Patients With Schizophrenia: An Actigraphy Study

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Maybe drs and healthcare need to do a better job of lifting and motivating our moods so as to prevent us falling into what feels like a despair diagnosis.

They aren’t going about it, in the correct way I don’t feel at all. Willpower or resilience has been shown in studies to have a huge effect on functionality for psychotic illness patients.

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Both my late wife and my step daughter have commented on my odd gait. My stepdaughter has described me as ’ walking like your drunk’ . My coordination has always been poor.

All these could account for it ASD,schizophrenia, dyspraxia (probable, but not dxed)

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I developed odd gait as a result of antipsychotics. Have you always been suspected of having strange gait? Because it could be the antipsychotics — they do affect movement/motor coordination

There’s a study on hereditary spastic paraplegia and abnormal brain structure. People with complicated HSP have abnormal brain functions and therefore develop intellectual disabilities, dementia, and/or psychosis.

And speaking of that, schizophrenia may be more diverse than we think.

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How do you mean “it may be more diverse”, as in there’s people affected who we wouldn’t realise are affected?

There’s a bunch of physical illnesses that cause psychosis. They are called “organic brain diseases”.

But the reality of these diseases are often heartbreaking. Some disorders put a person in extreme physical and mental pain until they die. Compared to having sz alone without physical stuff, organic brain diseases can be very awful.

For example, fatal familial insomnia causes someone to hallucinate due to lack of sleep, and cause behavioural changes. Then, the person goes into dementia and later death. It’s absolute torture.

A good question. On my 1st school’s advice I was assessed for the S word c1963 at Gt Ormond street. The result was negative, and no alternatives were explored. I’ve always had bad coordination. My parents never mentioned my walking, but I I did have to do exercises at prep school , and had insoles to wear.

My late wife commented on my walking on several occasions. For most of them I was only on Lithium.