Exploring College studies ☀

I am looking forward into continuing my education and want to take some courses at a college.

The only course which is very appealing for me is Dance but I do not know contemporary / waltz / and what not. I think I should make an appointment and visit the college to see a conseilleur. But it is too crazy :thinking:

I think if I do something, it should be mastering theatre make up and special effects. :thinking:

I already did marketing // graphic design // make up so?! Photography?

Maybe I could become a nurse.

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You seem to have many potentialities. Maybe you’re a multipotentialite. Or maybe you have to discover your calling.

What about postgraduate education?

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I think the best step forward is learning more artistic skills. I am self taught in watercolor // acrylic. I think it is the best choice for me right now.

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Oh yeah, but the idea of seeing a conseilleiur is good. He can help you with that. Or maybe a coach can help you as well.

Good luck with your educational path :slight_smile:.

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Last year I took a lot of art classes, were too boring for me :confused:
I did not like the teacher too. :thinking:

I will check it tomorrow with a clear mind.

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Do you have a local arts area where you live? You could get a downtown gallery to showcase your art or just volunteer at first fridays in order to meet people. I know a person who knows how to frame art work and owned a little art shop in the area too. That could be worth a try. I also worked as an art TA at the local art academy and think it’s a easy job to get. Architecture is a good job. A friend of mine studied that at art school and now has a job drawing and managing projects. If you are able to work, there are definitely a lot of options whatever it is you choose to do. A lot of art work might be contract work, part-time, or low paying though unless you’re lucky and get a break. Nursing pays better…

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